Thursday, 27 May 2010


You know you're a mother of a toddler when...

1. You're very glad that you're no taller than 5 foot 8 so you can easily reach that hand that is grabbing up for yours,
2. You never wear heels that are more than an inch and a half because they make you too tall (see #1),
3. You make up songs about pee pee time, bath time, lunch time and every other time in-between,
4. Sleeping in means 7:30,
5. You are ambidextrous by necessity,
6. You cut up your food into bite-sized pieces so you can feed two mouths at the same time (see #5),
7. You could change a diaper with your eyes closed, but don't because it's too dangerous,
8. You've already got in an hour of exercise by 8:00am and you weren't even trying,
9. You can't wait for nap time and hope to keep it going till your kid goes to school,
10. You barely have time to write down a 10 point list, let alone think of #10!


  1. And, you're a pregnant mother of a toddler!!!! You are an excellent Mama!

  2. clever, Taara. I like #3. :-)


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