Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tutorial - Gumdrop Favor

This is the thing that first got me thinking about a flower themed party for my little girl. So cute, and would make such a great favor. As a die-hard control freak detail oriented person, I love things that can be made in advance, warding off some of the last minute pressure when preparing a party. Given that the gumdrops are wrapped in cellophane I was able to make them a few days before the party. Didn't want to go too much earlier and end up with stale candy.

So, here we go!

What you need (for one flower)
- 6" (15cm) square of cellophane
- 7 gumdrops, 6 of one color for the petals and 1 contrasting color for the center
- bamboo skewer for the stem
- green curly ribbon
- paper/printer to make tags
- hole punch

Step 1: I started by creating my tags in the shape of a leaf. I used a brush I had in Photoshop to create a JPEG which I then printed out 9 to a page through Preview. I printed the basic leaf shape onto green paper that I had left over from my no-sew banner
Step 2: Cut out the leaves. After the first one I realized the shape was just a little too complicated for easy cutting so I simplified the shape a bit. After cutting out, I punched a hole in the leaf. 

 Step 3: Lay out your cellophane and arrange your gumdrops in the shape of the flower in the middle of the cellophane. Then stick the bamboo skewer into the center gumdrop. Don't worry about your placement of the outer gumdrops. It doesn't have to be perfect at this stage.
 Step 4: Pick up the cellophane and bunch it around the bamboo skewer. I found it easiest to pick up opposite sides (not corners) to keep the gumdrops from falling out and then pick up the other two sides. You can then turn it right side up and push the gumdrops into the right position if they've shifted at all. Then tie a ribbon around the bamboo skewer and cellophane. I wrapped it around once and then tied it to keep the cellophane nice and tight.
 Step 5: Thread the ribbon through the leaf tag and tie a bow. Voilá!
 Step 6: Arrange in a flower pot with a half sphere of styrofoam (or use florists foam).

There you go! See more of the party here.


  1. What a sweet idea! I love this!
    Now I'm wishing that I hadn't bought a flower-shaped brownie cake pop mold for my daughter's party this weekend....

    ♥ Bethany


  2. These gumdrop flower favors are adorable!!! I'd like to try this for my granddaughter's party! New follower from the GFC blog hop. Would LOVE it if you could visit my humorous blog site and follow back--I'd be very grateful if you could. Thanks for sharing! http://Menopausalmother.blogspot.com

  3. So cute!! You make them look so easy to make! :)

    1. That's the great thing - they are so easy to make :)

  4. this is perfect for a party :)


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