Friday, 1 April 2011


Before I start this post, let me just say I am a die-hard interior decorator nut. One of the reasons I love moving is that I get to re-arrange, re-organize and re-decorate! I have many more thoughts about this topic which I'll save for another post, but for now let's take a look at our little apartment in it's before stage:
Here is the view from the entrance, looking into the living room and onto the verandah.

Here is the kitchen in all it's bare-ness. Once you enter, the kitchen is directly on the right.

And my beloved window between the kitchen and dining area. This is something I was really hoping for as I know it will make it a lot easier to look after the kids and helps to make the place seem a little bigger. The "open plan" concept is not really wide-spread here, in fact when you do find it, it's called an "American kitchen".

A different view of the "living room".

The kids/guest bathroom. We were very fortunate to find a place with the shower head and doors already installed, as well as having a small cabinet under the sink. These things are often left up to the renter to install.

Our tiny bedroom. We decided to move a queen size bed in, even though there won't be much space around it!

The kids room. Thank goodness they are in a crib and toddler bed, or the room would seem really small!

The office/study/storage/everything else room. I imagine this room will be very full! This room also has access to the balcony which is nice.

Here's the basic layout.

So there you have it, our tiny apartment. Come back for more updates and the after shots!

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  1. So happy for you! Can't wait to see the "after" pictures! --Aunt Nellie (not sure why it says "Mom!")

  2. taara! thats great! sooo excited for you!! im sure that my re-arranging-ness came from you, back in the day in dhaka. wish i could come help you move in. cant wait for the after shots!
    oh, and last night i had a dream that little elena died from heat!! or something like that, it was soooo sad!! but, shes still alive right?? haha, i miss her and lucas soooo much!! (and you guys too of course!)
    all the best!!

  3. so exciting!! It looks great! Can't wait to see the shots of you guys all settled in and enjoying your new home!

  4. hi sorry i missed you today. great little place to make into a home! you'll do an excellent job of making it sooooooo nice. we'll really have to come for a visit and a nice cup of tea! love you lots and lots....Mom


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