Thursday, 5 May 2011

A perfect day

What would your "perfect day" look like? I'm not talking about a special occasion, romantic getaway or once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I'm talking about a day-by-day kind of thing. At this point in my life, it's pretty simple for me. I'd like to wake up and have my kids do everything I tell them to! Of course, that's just not going to happen, but let me dream a little...

I would wake up before the kids (who are sleeping peacefully in their own beds) to have some quiet time to myself to get ready, put on the tea or coffee and maybe start a load of laundry. The dishes from last night are of course washed and drying by the sink. While I get breakfast ready, Lucas wakes up and plays with his cars until breakfast is ready. Elena wakes up just in time to eat. We get through breakfast without crying, screaming, spilling, throwing or complaining.

After everything is cleaned up from breakfast, the kids let me take a shower and we go outside for a walk or to play at the playground. We come back to our apartment so I can get lunch ready, and my two babies are ready to sleep for a good two hour nap following lunch. During their naps, I get to savor a cup of tea and relax before actually getting some things done with no interruptions.

That's where I'm at right now, it's 1:15 and Lucas has gone down for his nap with no complaints. Elena isn't exactly sleepy, but playing on the floor next to me. I could go on about the rest of my perfect day, which includes going for a family walk in the afternoon, the kids managing to play together without hurting each other, having a nice dinner, hubby cleaning up the kitchen while the kids have their baths, and finishing off with them drifting off to sleep on time, so hubby and I can have some time alone, but you know, as I read this back, it's almost starting to sound boring...

So while I love it when my kids cooperate and play quietly and eat all their food and don't throw tantrums, I can accept that there probably won't be any "perfect days" in my near future. I can settle for some perfect moments in the midst of the chaos and choose to laugh at the imperfect events that make my days oh-so-very interesting.

But now, off to save Elena before she gets into the kitchen trash...


  1. I loved this post!! You put it all in such an interesting perspective, and I think you are right when you say that what makes life an adventure are those imperfect moments! Love you sister! You are an admirable mom: hardworking and loving. God give you rest when those "perfect moments" come along!

  2. Ah, Grace, you put it so well! My little Taara is a wonderful mommy, and with Canadian Mother's Day this sunday -May 8th- it's the perfect time to tell you, Taara, that I LOVE YOU and that you are the absolute perfect Mama for your two little darlings...they are such darlings with their cute heads nestled against their pillows!!! You have a gift for writing...keep it up.

  3. I shall echo the thoughts expressed by both Grace and your mom, Taara. It's a very sensible outlook that you have described, and even though there will be "moments" when you may feel overwhelmed by motherhood's demands, your underlying attitude is so great and it will carry you through those times.
    Happy Mother's Day from Aunt Barb


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