Friday, 23 September 2011

2 and a half minutes

That's what it takes to get my coffee to the perfect temp. Two and a half minutes in the microwave. Once for one and a half minutes, a quick stir and then another minute. Perfection.

Of course, I can not stand still while the microwave does it's thing. And I've discovered there are a lot of things you can get accomplished in two and a half minutes.


Such as:
- sweeping the floor after lunch
- hanging half a load of laundry
- putting away a rack of clean dishes
- washing most (if not all) of the breakfast/lunch/dinner dishes
- re-setting the coffee maker for the next pot
- writing this blog post (well, I could have if I didn't have several kiddo crises to avert)




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  1. Great post!! My coffee's perfect temperature is reached after only 1 minute and 40 seconds, so I definitely can't sweep the entire floor in that time, but I sure can get a lot of things done in about a minute and a half: the dishwasher emptied; Tyler's school lunch put together; the counter wiped...

  2. Can't believe I forgot one of the most important tasks I can complete in two and a half minutes - picking up toys!


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