Thursday, 5 September 2013

3 Months!

It's 10am, and I'm sitting in my little desk corner, having just nursed Lisa, a recently emptied tea mug on my desk. Leila is still napping away on the other side of the room. Lisa is tucked into my lap, anxious to get onto other things, but maybe she'll let me write for a little while...

Even though this post is, well, almost 3 weeks late, this photo was taken on the exact day of their "3 month-iversary"
Again, I can't quite believe how fast this month has flown by! The older kids are well into their school routine, and we celebrated Elena's third birthday a few weekends ago. I love having my mornings with just the twins, and they enjoy having some time to play safely (i.e., without the threat of the older siblings who are still learning how to love "gently" on their sisters.)

We are getting into a nice routine with these little ones. They are growing and changing so much each day and it's such a privilege to be a part of it. They are starting to interact and "talk" with us, smiling a lot and we even managed to catch Leila's first laugh on camera. It's really too bad that Lisa was wailing the whole time in the background. Lisa's been suffering through her first cold; stuffed up and coughing a lot but I think we're finally on the way up.

At their 3 month check up the doctor was really impressed with their weight gain. Lisa is now 5.4 kilos and 60.5 cm, passing Leila by 0.3 cm. Leila weighs 5.15 kilos and is 60.2 cm.

The biggest accomplishment this month? SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Let the Hallelujah Chorus ring! Such a pity that it's only Leila who has managed this. It is a real gift though - she usually has a good 10 hour stretch at night. Lisa wakes up once usually around 3 or 4 to nurse, but goes right back to sleep, so I can't complain. Hopefully once this cold passes she'll follow her sister's example.
Since they are still sleeping in our room at night, they are sharing a crib. Pretty soon though we'll have to get them into their own cribs, they're getting so big!

They don't really like tummy time, but are getting stronger everyday. I am so looking forward to them sitting up and being able to play with each other. The other day I laid them down together on the floor and Lisa turned towards Leila and really smiled at her. It was the first time she had acknowledged her sister as another living person. Most of the time they are pretty unaware of the other.

Here's to another great month!


  1. I always enjoy your summarizations of what's going on in your lives, Taara. Give Lisa and Leila (and Lucas and Elena) a big hug from their now-far-away grandma. Mom Betty

  2. Wow! I'm impressed whenever I hear of a baby sleeping through the night. Mine (your cousins) didn't accomplish that until they were nearly a year old. It was a case of me caving in to that middle of the night wake-up call for such a long time:)

    Your babies are so adorable! Wish you lived closer by so we could give them a cuddle.

    Lucas and Elena are growing up so fast too.

    Aunt Barb

  3. oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh I so want to snuggle with those two little girls. And their mama writes soooooooo well!!

  4. What a feat, sleeping through the night already! So happy for you and your little ones. How does it work out when Lisa cries for her nighttime feeding? Does it register at all with Leila or does she just keep on snoozing? My little guy is going to start rooming with Summer Elizabeth at the end of the month when my mom (due to arrive here on Sunday) leaves and stops being Summer's roommate. I'm nervous that if he wakes as usual around 2 or 3 am it will wake up Summer and she might not want to go back to sleep. Do your bigger kids share rooms? Any advice?

  5. Oh they are so cute! And the two of them in the crib is adorable. I hope Lisa is feeling better soon and let's you get some more rest. Thanks for joining the Mommy Brain Mixer this both :)

  6. SO happy to hear your gorgeous little ones are sleeping through the night!!! Makes life SO much more enjoyable lol! I swear mine was always awake for like the first six months!

  7. Oh my goodness! I have been away from the bloggy world too much! They are so big! How are you enjoying twins? Now that mine are 2 life as calmed down considerably. They are beautiful!


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