Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Five months - Rolling, Rotating and Raspberries

It's been a pretty quiet month here, mostly because of all the sickness we've dealt with. Lisa and Leila were the best sick babies ever! They handled their chicken pox so well and we are so glad to have that chapter behind us.

Lovely photos taken by someone at church this week!
Increasing mobility has been the big thing these past few weeks. No more leaving the baby on the sofa to grab a diaper, wipes or clothes, lest a baby roll off! Leila can turn herself onto her belly in a matter of seconds. Lisa is still working on this skill, she prefers to rotate around on her back.

Remember how they used to sleep like this all night long?
 Now this is how they wake up!

This month they'll definitely be moving into their own cribs. Unfortunately we can't fit both cribs into our bedroom, so it seems fairer to move both babies into their own room, rather than keeping one with us and one on her own in a separate room. Sleep hasn't been the best this month either, which is keeping me from making the switch. Both girls are waking up at least twice a night. I'm thinking the kicking and moving around doesn't help! Hoping they'll start sleeping better soon.
Just a usual afternoon in the Portela household. 
Both girls are expanding their vocal abilities, and Lisa has perfected the raspberries. Leila loves to laugh, especially at Lucas' antics. Both the older kids love to play with the twins, although Elena is still learning how to be gentle. The twins are dying to sit up and are holding and playing with more of their toys. Next month we'll begin a gentle introduction to solids.

I just can't quite believe they are almost half a year old! The 3 - 6 month age is one I absolutely love (more so when the baby is sleeping at night, but I've gotten so used to it, I can hardly remember how many times I've been up by the next morning).

You think it's hard to get a good photo of one baby,... try it with two! 


  1. I can remember when you guys went to church the first time with them and they were so tiny and fragile looking!! Now look at those two gorgeous girls!! So delicious to watch them grow up! :) Congratulations!

  2. your girls look so sweet in their little sundresses, I love the expression of right baby in the top right pic. I don't know who's who.

  3. Cute girls! (I love the picture of all four of your sweet kiddos too!)

  4. Haha I love the pictures of them together! I totally feel your pain :)

    We've tried the twins in the same room and in separate rooms AND with one in our room and one in her own. One of ours tends to have higher needs during the night than the other, so I don't really feel bad about having her in bed with us for so much longer, because that way they're both sleeping better! You do what works, you know? And with twins especially, if ANYTHING works you do it!!!


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