Sunday, 13 February 2011

Procrastinator extraordinaire!

Yup, that's me. After all, this post was supposed to happen sometime in January - actually close to the beginning of the month. You know, the one where you write about all the resolutions you're going to keep this year... Well, I wanted to blog more...but it hasn't really worked out so far, but here I go and really, it's only February!

I'm sitting in bed, the kids are asleep and I'm wondering why it has taken me so long to get down to blogging, I mean it's not that hard, right? In fact, it's taken me a good 10 minutes to convince myself that I should just start writing, with my brain coming up with all sorts of random excuses such as; it's getting late, it's hard to type on an iPad, I really need to cut my nails (yes, a super lame excuse) and so on.

This has made me think about other areas of my life and how we can get into habits of procrastinating that seem to build up until it really becomes a problem. You know the things I'm talking about - leaving the dishes overnight, not taking the extra 5 seconds to put your clothes away, checking facebook just once more before settling down to do a task. The more we allow ourselves to "get away with" putting something off, the more we are robbing ourselves of a productive and satisfying life. The days when I am busiest are usually the ones that are the most satisfying.

The other issue I think I have with blogging, for example, is that I think about it too much and build up a huge expectation in my mind - maybe I am a perfectionist too! So when I sit down to write and it doesn't come out the way I have imagined it, I just give up. And again am left with nothing! I see this in other areas of my life, but more on that later,...maybe.

So, procrastinator and perfectionist that I am, this year I will strive to embody the Nike slogan, "just do it" and stop thinking and planning so much.

And now I'm off to cut my nails, because it really is hard to type on an iPad with long nails!


  1. Dear Taara: No one is perfect but I want everyone to know that your mother-in-law thinks that you have many fine qualities and I look forward to watching you put your creative skills and diligence to work in your new home. Love, Mom Portela

  2. I'm glad you finally have a new blog post!
    I always check it when I'm at work... maybe that can be your motivation too! 'I have to give Sam something to read, I must blog!' just kidding ;)

  3. Hi Taara, I'm actually doing what you're talking about ... procrastinating with getting the family accounts done! So, adios, see you, and I'm hiding out now with my Quicken page!!!
    Love you. Happy Valentine's Day!!! Mom G.

  4. I'm like Sam - I check you blog often, hoping for a new post! I love the way you write. Love you guys and hope you are settling back in well. Aunt Barb


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