Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Not Quite Myself

I haven't been feeling quite like myself lately. For about 7 weeks - actually 7 weeks and one day ago I started feeling sick, four days later I took a pregnancy test and was a little surprised to see a positive result when I had yet to miss a period. 

It may have something to do with the two little ones taking up valuable real estate and moving everything around in there. I mean, seriously, I'm just 10 weeks and already my bladder is compromised. I'm sure it took a few months with my other two pregnancies to reach that have-to-pee-twice-a-night stage. 

Many of you may have read my musings on when/if to add a third child to our family, if not, go and see what I wrote close to the end...

Hubby and I often joked about just getting the baby stuff done with and having twins the next time around (this was before I got pregnant) and I just never really thought it was likely that I would have twins. The only twins I have in my family are my cousins who are identical, and apparently having identical twins is not a hereditary genetic thing. You are more likely to have fraternal twins based on heredity. 

So when I went to have my first ultrasound (super early here in Brazil - they use it to accurately date your pregnancy) around 7 weeks, and the doctor didn't say anything about having twins, or actually anything at all, I just assumed I was having a routine single pregnancy. I couldn't wait to pick up the results in a week to see if everything was ok. After finally getting the results (another long story) I walked back to the car, got settled in the driver's seat, and opened the envelope containing those precious photos and lots of medical speak (most of which I don't understand since it is all in Portuguese). So I start scanning the summary report, skimming over most of the first few paragraphs, when suddenly I read, "observa-se dois embriƵes" (we observe two embryos) and I think I stopped breathing for a while. Two embryos, two heart beats, two measurements of the little ones growing inside. Needless to say, I was in a bit of shock and called hubby in a mix of tears and laughter to tell him we are having twins. 

Since then google has been my best friend and worst enemy. I read so many articles in the first few days, all about twin pregnancy, labor and delivery, myths and rumors on twins, incidence of natural vs c-section deliveries, the best twin strollers, a scary phenomenon called vanishing twin syndrome, and a very interesting one connecting twin pregnancy to long life and health.

So things have been quite different lately, feeling tired and sick every day, just trying to eat enough, not throw up and keep the kids lives as normal as can be for now. When we first found out I was pregnant I had so many things I wanted to write on this blog, and I still do, I just don't have as much energy these days for blogging, so it might be a little quieter around here. We are excited to do our 12 week ultrasound in a few weeks to get another look at our little ones. 

And I've given up reading anything on the internet for a while. :) 


  1. Don't read those! You will drive yourself crazy, I know I did. I ended up with a c section, but I know where I went wrong. Mainly I went to the hospital way too early and people always will handle and talk about your pregnancy like twins has never happened before. I can share my birth story if you would like it. Anyway just trust your body and not the Internet.

  2. Good luck on the pregnancy! I can't believe you were just talking about whether or not to have ONE more... Now you get to become a family of six!

  3. don't google...you'll freak yourself out with all the craziness that is on there. just be happy you have been blessed with TWO little ones!!!! love to you girl!! hoping your pregnancy goes amazingly! xoxoxo


  4. twins!!! how cool! Congrats and good luck!!

  5. Wow! I'm super SUPER happy for you, Taara. What a blessing! Hope you feel better soon. Ginger is said to help, but I haven't tried it myself. Living in Brazil, I'm sure you've got more wives tale remedies than you need. Take care!

  6. For different reasons, Ann and I had to agree early on in her pregnancy not to Google too much. The weight of all possible ailments and experiences is too much to bear!

    My sister-in-law had twins earlier this year (Angy - perhaps you met her?) and blogged about the experience. If her experience is any guide, there will be hard days but many, many sustaining blessings along the way. Here is the start of her journey:

    Chris (from TWU Music)


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