Monday, 5 November 2012

Saturday Sleep-In

{and a few random tidbits from our weekend}

I've written before on how much I love (and desperately need) sleep. Sleeping in was something that used to happen very regularly on a Saturday morning and always included waking up to a clock that started with double digits. Now, of course, that has been drastically re-defined. Anything after 7:00am is classified as a sleep-in. 

Friday was a holiday here and we took the kids into Sao Paulo to meet some friends and then spent the afternoon/evening at Grandma's house. The one hour drive home is our favorite (and easiest) way to put the kids to bed after a long day. And even now that Lucas is getting older, and staying awake the whole ride home, he is usually pretty happy to get into his own bed when we arrive. 

I was pretty sure, however, that despite the long day and later bedtime, I would still be woken by my little angels before 6:30. It seems sometimes that the later they go to bed, the earlier they wake up! So imagine my surprise when Lucas comes into our room at 7:30 (Yes! 7:30 people!!) to inform me that Elena needed me. Our baby monitor occasionally cuts out and so I wasn't hearing her call for me. Once we were all up and relaxing in the living room I saw some evidence that Lucas must've been awake for a while before hearing Elena calling and then summoning me - mainly a freshly finished cup of yogurt. But you know what? I am more than happy to let him get up, get a snack and entertain himself for a bit in the morning (especially with Elena safely in her crib) so I can have a resemblance of a sleep-in. Hooray for growing up :)
More evidence of growing up - look how nicely they are sharing the blocks!
Also wanted to share this precious conversation that happened between Lucas and his grandma. They were talking about his cool car and cool house when grandma asked, "And do you have a cool mommy and a cool daddy?" To which Lucas replied, "No, I don't have a cool mommy and a cool daddy, they're just old." (Clearly to him "cool" is synonymous with "new")

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  1. Found you on the hop. New follower. I'd love if you stopped by my page

  2. Wait till he learns the word "ancient," Taara ma! catching up with how you are doing :)

  3. Very funny. I guess I'd be described as ancient.=)

  4. Well at least I will remind myself of this when I get sad that my little man is growing up so fast. Extra sleep sounds amazing right now.


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