Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas Highlights

Since it's already December 31st, I thought I'd better highlight some of my favorite moments from our Christmas celebrations this year. The kids faithfully opened their little advent boxes every day, even though some of the candy melted on a few of the hot days!

On Christmas Eve we spent the evening together enjoying finger foods and watching the Charlie Brown Christmas movie before reading the Christmas story and allowing the kids to open a few presents. Needless to say it wasn't an early evening but we were hoping that at least we'd get a few extra minutes in the morning. 

Christmas morning the kids opened their stockings and we had crepes for breakfast and tried to leave the house in a somewhat clean state before heading off to my in-laws for our big family meal. 

We missed having the whole extended family there but still had a great time enjoying the food and company.
The "young families" table - two brothers and their families.
Of course we had to get a photo of the whole gang which sometimes takes a while with squirmy kids, but this time I think we got it in one or two shots!

The kids really had fun playing together. Elena and her cousin Sophia are only three months apart.
Top photos: Lucas and Sophia cuddle on the sofa during our reading/meditation time.
Bottom left: Sophia and Elena - Bottom right: Helping Lucas open a gift.
We had a nice relaxed afternoon and evening before heading back to our home. Of course we had also tried to get a nice family photo a few days before Christmas, but both kids were extremely uncooperative! Here's our best shot.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Now, on to the New Year with lots to look forward to. Can't quite believe that next year we will become a family of six.

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  1. Wonderfull to have you all for our Christmas Dinner. Much love and happiness in 2013!
    DAD Portela


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