Monday, 24 December 2012

Cookie dough and tears

If you had taken a peek into my kitchen a few weeks ago, you would have seen a slightly pregnant woman, apron tied snugly around her waist, leaning over the counter, stirring a big bowl of sugar cookie dough, and soft streams of tears flowing down her cheeks...

It was a beautiful, sunny, Brazilian summer day early in December. The kids were off to school, and this momma decided to get a head start on her Christmas baking. The sweet sounds of Christmas music drifted through the house as she sifted and stirred the flour, sugar and butter.

It was when a certain song started playing, that she was brought to tears. It was one of those songs, you know the ones, where the marriage of music and lyrics is so sublime you cannot help but be moved. The words and images evoked, along with the rise and fall of the melody and the swell of the chorus stirred up emotions so strong that the woman could not even sing along. Feelings of grace, awe, wonder and faith. A deep stirring within her soul. A hope and a longing for its powerful words to be fulfilled.

It was a song known intimately to her, sung many years ago and yet the parts and harmonies, the words and dynamics remain so strongly etched in her memory.

The story it tells is of the true meaning of Christmas, not just that we remember Jesus' incarnation, his death and resurrection, but we also anticipate His coming again. It is this truth that we celebrate at Christmas and from which stems all the joy, peace, hope and love of the season.

As the music played, the woman made no attempt to curb her tears, but rather, cherished the moment, soaking in the words and the truth presented. Simply, a Christmas memory that won't be soon forgotten.

Have a listen, and bask in the wonderful truth of this season. (Scroll down to see the full words)

"When He Comes Again" - by Rebecca Peck 
When He Comes Again by RSBC on Grooveshark
When He came, He spent His first night on a bed of hay
When He came, He left Heaven without wealth or fame
Wrapped in rags, Christ had no sign of royalty, 

The truth of who He really was the world could not see.
But when He comes again, On a cloud of majesty, 

Every eye at last shall see, He is the great I am, 
When He comes again, The hosts of Heaven with Him, 
He'll bring to earth a kingdom without end, When He comes again.
When He came, He was rejected by the ones He loved
When He came, He drank freely from Death's bitter cup, 

Betrayed and broken, Jesus hung in agony, 
The truth of who He really was, the world could not see.
(Repeat Chorus)
The hope of all the ages the everlasting Lord, That baby boy from Bethlehem shall reign forever more.

(Repeat Chorus)

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Dear Taara: We sat on the edge of the bed yesterday and Dad translated your post to Grandma. She liked it very much. Dad then translated the words as the song was played and she commented how nice it is to see the next generations of our family valuing God's Word and its significance in our lives. She too is looking forward to Christ's return, although she expects to meet Him in heaven before that. We are always amazed at your skilful mastery of words in precisely expressing your thoughts and feelings, as they flow naturally in your text. Love you, Mom and Dad


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