Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Bump: 18 weeks

Well, I've basically hit the halfway point! If I get to 36 weeks that is. If I don't, then I'm already over halfway! If I make it past 36 weeks, I'll be very surprised. I find myself in a weird head space these days; on one hand I know this pregnancy is going to get a lot harder in the next few months, and on the other hand I want to cherish it since it is probably my last. I always loved being pregnant with my other two, and while I am enjoying this one, it's definitely a lot harder on my body this time around! Plus I know the first few months of these babies lives are going to be crazy, so I should take advantage of the time I can easily control four kids. Four kids, four and under. Yikes!

How far along: 18 weeks as of Jan 13
Development: Haven't had any more doctors appointments or scans, but everything seems to be on track. Have had several comments over the last few Sundays at church to the tune of, "wow, you are getting bigger every week!"
Movement: Right around 17 weeks I started to feel definite movements, usually right when I am getting into bed. Very bubbly, fluttery movements, but it's nice to know there are actually babies in there.
Weight Gain: I think I've made it back to my starting weight after losing about 5 pounds in the first trimester.
Maternity Clothes: Starting to wear a few "in-between" pants before we get into the huge banded ones. Also enjoying a lot of dresses as we've had hot weather here. And it will get worse before (hopefully) getting cooler in the last month or so.
Stretch Marks: Same old, same old.
Best moment of my week(s): Enjoying a movie night with hubby and the kids. Buying a super-duper stroller that my brother is bringing from Canada next week! Actually it's more like a transformer than a stroller. :)
Worst moment: Having a horrible cough and cold for about the past three weeks. Seems to be finally on its way out thankfully.
Sleep: Not too bad, had one horrible night with crazy Braxton Hicks contractions that I have never experienced before. I would wake up feeling like my stomach had simultaneously jumped and shrunk and hiccuped while letting out a huge breath. It happened about ten times in the span of two hours.
Miss Anything: Having no pain and feeling healthy. I hardly ever get sick so this cold/cough is really a pain for me.
Food Cravings: Um, everything? Just can't really eat a lot so I find myself constantly hungry.
Aversions: Would love some coffee, but I just can't stand the thought of drinking it!
Gender: Don't know yet, but this week is the tell-all ultrasound (assuming they both cooperate!)
Symptoms: Muscle and back pain,
Labor signs: A few Braxton Hicks
Belly Button: Stretching more and more.
Rings: On
Mood: Annoyed at being sick and tired.
Looking forward: Seeing our babies and finding out the gender. Having my brother come to visit for a few weeks!


  1. Even though we talk often, I enjoy reading your written summaries. They always add more details that show your mindset. Love you, Mom Betty

  2. 22 weeks here. In the same place of looking forward to meeting the new life, but really enjoying the knowledge that this is the last time I'll have to go through this. With you delivering early, we'll probably end up giving birth around the same time. :) Congrats on the new stroller.

  3. You look great and happy halfway point! Love that you included the Rings status in your update--any Momma knows this is an important tracking factor :)

  4. so cute!! and so exciting that you can feel the baby move! I can't wait for that!

  5. So glad to have found your blog and be following you!!!!!


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