Monday, 1 April 2013

April Fools

David and I have a long history of pulling some pretty awesome April Fools jokes on our family and friends. Our biggest and most wide-spread prank was our "spur of the moment" wedding that we staged in 2004. We'd been dating for about 10 months and were well on our way to an engagement. We were both at University in Canada and far away from our parents. Mine were in Bangladesh and his in Brazil. Since we hadn't yet met each other's parents, we thought it'd be fun to convince them we'd gotten hitched.

This resulted in a $35 Value Village dress for me (which I later exchanged for some wearable clothes) and David in a suit. We strode through our college campus and snapped some shots by the blossoming Cherry trees. Of course, we had to do this on March 31 as my parents were already 12 hours ahead of us, and we had to be sure they'd get the email on April 1st and no later!

I don't think we really fooled my mom, but I did get an email back from her with the subject, "congratulations" and an empty message. We did fool a lot of our friends and some complained about having to return gifts!
And I wore a white lace table-runner as a veil - this (and the dress) were what convinced my mom we were just joking.
We were engaged on July 30, 2004 and married in June 2005.

Our other big prank has come around full circle. In 2010, when I was pregnant with Elena, David made an interesting Facebook update which resulted in quite a few people thinking we were having twins...

Just one little letter made all the difference in this status update...

I had a good laugh with my friend Ana on Skype Chat - just love the line, "with you two - i should have expected"

If you have any doubt that God has a sense of humor, just look where we are now, expecting twins in about two months! If we were to pull a prank today, it would go something like,

"Well, the ultrasound techs were wrong! Logan and Liam will be arriving in May.:)"

Would you fall for it?


  1. What a fun post! I hope your girls are girls.=)

  2. Well, Sweetie, your dad thinks a techno glitch would be just fine with him, if the end result was a little baby girl and a little baby boy! He's still hoping....
    Love you

  3. Ha, the wedding April Fool's joke cracks me up!

  4. I love the commitment you all have to your pranks ~ so fun!


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