Monday, 8 April 2013

The Bump: 30 Weeks

How far along: 30 Weeks as of April 7
Development: Are you surprised that I'm going to write about having another ultrasound? Well, I have one scheduled for Friday and it's probably not going to be the last! They really love ultrasounds here and especially with twins I'll be getting more ultrasounds in the last month to monitor the girls growth, approximate weight and the uterine fluid levels. The most important thing from this point onward is that they both grow at basically the same rate - if one gets too much bigger than the other it can necessitate an early delivery. Our goal is to get to 36 weeks.
Movement: Definite "alien-esque" movements these days as my belly routinely stretches to one side or the other.
Weight Gain: Um, I'll update after my doctors visit this week - I don't really make a habit of stepping on the scale. ever.
Maternity Clothes: I finally went through my dresser and put away all the regular sized jeans and pants. Going to need to go through my tops and t-shirts as they are all starting to feel short. Time to get into hubby's shirts maybe?
Stretch Marks: Lots of new ones right around my belly. Applying cream to help as well as relieve itching.
Best moment of my week: Having almost two week's worth of groceries bought and delivered, thanks to my awesome in-laws. Standing in the grocery line is torture sometimes!
Worst moment: Leg. Cramps. Enough said.
Sleep: Power naps are a must during the day. Starting to get some back and hip pain regularly at night. Seriously, turning over is like doing a five point turn.
Miss Anything: Being able to get up from sitting without feeling back, leg and hip pain.
Food Cravings: Coffee and spicy noodles. Both not good for heartburn. :(
Aversions: Nope
Gender: Girls!
Labor signs: A few random contractions here and there.
Belly Button: Out and totally off-center. I think by the end I may not have a belly button at all as it is almost the only place on my belly that has any stretch left to it!
Rings: On
Mood: Excited, exhausted and a little anxious of the transition to a family of six!
Looking forward: Taking some family and maternity photos next weekend. I never did anything in my previous two pregnancies, and since this is our last (and we haven't had a good family photo in a while) I thought I'd better do it while we can. It's not everyday that you're pregnant with twins! :)

And here are a few "progress" shots from weeks 27-30...

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  1. Oh, I hated grocery shopping while pregnant for the same reason. What a blessing to have two weeks of groceries all ready to go!

    I still have my husband go to the store, I think standing in a line with a fussy newborn might be even worse than it was while pregnant.

  2. Yep, I didn't enjoy grocery shopping while pregnant either . . . and I was only pregnant with one. Leaning over the cart trying to unload my groceries was no fun!

    Congratulations on your twins! I'm a twin, and it's been such fun to have my sister be my best friend.

    ~ Melinda ~

  3. You are carrying pregnancy well! You look absolutely beautiful!

    (coming over from the mommy moments bloghop)

  4. Do you plan to go into labor on your own, or will the doctor induce? I know most doctors induce with twins. I'm an identical twin, and my sister and I were actually born 1 day after our due date! I've never heard of any other set of twins being "late."

  5. Ahhh you are all belly and so cute:) Can't wait to meet those girls! Thanks for linking up with Mommy Moments!

  6. You look amazing, especially for carrying twins! I can't wait to see the maternity photos!

  7. You are all belly, you look great for 30 weeks with twins!

  8. These photos are absolutely beautiful - so great to be pregnant at the same time as you SIL. Do hope the back pain isn't too awful.

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice x


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