Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day

This is a pretty special Mother's Day for me. I've spent three Mother's Days pregnant, and this will be my sixth Mother's Day since Lucas first made me a mom. But what makes this one special is that it is the first Mother's Day I get to spend with my mother since I became a mom. We've been separated by a continent or two for the last 10 years, and the upcoming birth of my twins (next week! YIKES!) is what allowed her to be here with me this year.
My two precious children who made me a mom.
Becoming a mother is what enables you to really appreciate your own mom. Nothing like a few years of being pregnant, nursing, changing diapers, tucking into bed, potty training, snuggling, tickling and playing to make you think of all your mom did for you. All she did to prepare you to become a mom yourself one day. And now I have the opportunity to see my mother not only as mom, but also as a grandma.
Top left: Holding her first born's first born (Lucas). Top right: Holding the second born (Elena)
Bottom: This week - enjoying ice cream together.
 At this point in my life, I am so grateful to have my mom around. Feeling massively pregnant my mom has been a wonderful help around the house in the last 10 days since she arrived in Brazil. I'm not quite sure how I would be managing without her. The kids love her and are having a great time with Nana around.

Mom, in the midst of this sure-to-be-life-changing event, I am cherishing the quiet moments we have together to drink tea, talk and pray together, and enjoy the friendship we have developed despite living so far apart normally. I am inspired by your selfless servant's heart and I hope you know how loved and valued you are. Love you!!

Of course, there is also the other side of our family, and I could not do a Mother's Day post without also talking about my amazing mother-in-law. All the clich├ęd jokes about mothers-in-law are totally irrelevant in our case (although I do like to clean my house before my mil arrives - even if she's coming to help me clean...) I have been welcomed into the family as a true daughter and my mother-in-law continually shows her love for me and our little family in a multitude of ways that would take too long to mention here. I'm also not quite sure how I would have managed the past few months without her.

Top left: With Lucas (one of our first few days in Brazil) Top right: With Elena
Bottom: Reading to both kids
Mom, I have been so blessed to spend the last few Mother's Days with you. You continue to amaze me with the way you are constantly serving those around you and opening your home to anyone who needs a place to stay. I am so thankful for our relationship that has flourished over the last few years as you've helped me adapt to Brazil, go through two pregnancies and strengthened me as a mom and wife. Love you!
A rare moment with my Mom,  Mother-in-law and my kids. (At the Zoo in Sao Paulo)
So I guess this is a doubly special Mother's Day as I get to spend it in anticipation of two more little blessings and in the wonderful company of my two moms and two crazy kids (who for some reason got up early today and haven't yet figured out that mom needs at least one day to sleep in and get breakfast in bed). Maybe next year?

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Taara!! Great post!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!

    I can't believe your girls are coming next week - how exciting. I will be praying that all goes well with labor and delivery!

  3. Hi Taara. The countdown is definitely on to the day of the twins' arrival!! It is a wonderful provision that your mom is able to be there to help. Praying for you all.

    Love, Aunt Barb


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