Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Calm before the Storm

and a 35 week update.

If you read my Mother's Day post here, you'll see that I have a pretty awesome mother and mother-in-law. As I head into the last week of my twin pregnancy their help and support have gone over and beyond what I could ever ask for. 

You see, we live in a small-ish city just outside of Sao Paulo. On a Sunday, we can make it into the center of Sao Paulo in less than an hour. On a weekday, during rush hour(s), it can take upwards of 2 and a half hours. When Elena was born, we were living in Sao Paulo and we had a great labor and delivery experience at a Maternity hospital here that is very close to my in-laws. Also, my doctor is around the corner. So for the last eight months I've been coming here for all my ultrasounds and doctor's appointments. With the increased risk in a multiple pregnancy, my doctor suggested I spend at least the last week of my pregnancy at my in-laws. 

So when my mom planned her trip here for the twins birth, she came a few weeks early so she could stay at our home with the kids, while I have sort of bed-rest at my in-laws. This way the kids can keep up with their normal routine before life gets crazy! And I get a little time to rest before the twins are born. 

Yesterday we had a little hiccup with our plan for a nice calm week before the storm of birth, newborns and all that. I suddenly developed a bad cold/cough/fever on Sunday night and by my doctor's appointment on Monday I was feeling distinctly under the weather. When we checked the babies' heart rates they were elevated. As we monitored them for about 15 minutes, they continued that way. My doctor was pretty sure it was a result of my fever, so she gave me some medicine and sent me off to the hospital to do another ultrasound and another session of monitoring the girls' hearts. If they had not returned to normal (which they did, thankfully!) I may have had an emergency c-section last night! Although we are technically "ready" for their birth, I am so thankful that I have a few more days to recover from this cold. 

And while I am missing my kiddos like crazy, I know they are in the capable hands of my mom. We are going to surprise them tomorrow when we go back to our home after picking up my sister, who is also arriving to help with the kids and twins. 

It's going to be a full house! 

And here we are at 35 Weeks...

I'm not going to go through the whole list thing - I'll save that for my last update - when I hit 36 weeks on Sunday! It is true that the last few weeks are the hardest. For me probably from about 34 weeks I started to feel very massive, and have quite a bit of pain during the day and a hard time getting comfortable in any position. Sleep - well, let's just say the twins are already preparing me for multiple mid-night wake-up calls! All in all, I am so thankful for having an easy and uncomplicated multiple pregnancy, and being able to still (mostly) care for my kids up until this week. I'm sure looking forward to losing this belly, getting back my ability to pick up and carry all my kids, and holding my sweet little girls on my lap. I do wish I could get at least an extra hand though; how do you carry both of them and do anything else? ;)


  1. I can't wait to see your babies. Feel better!

  2. I have a cold too and feel horrible and I'm 40 weeks tommorrow. So I can almost relate. But I can't imagine the load you are carrying , this one feels bad enough. Will be praying for your recovery. xxx


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