Friday, 30 August 2013


Do you have perfect kids? The ones who are always dressed immaculately, use their forks and spoons correctly, have impeccable manners, obey on the spot and rarely need to be disciplined? Yeah, me neither...

Everyone said life would be tough adding twins to a household where the other two kids are not yet five. Of course, it's not the twins that are problematic; it's the older two! Plenty of interesting things happen to keep this momma on her toes, and to make life exciting. Here are a few "gems" from the past few days:

Lucas is pouring himself some juice into a rather large cup...
Me: Lucas, I think that's enough juice,
Lucas: No mommy, it's not enough, my tummy will be disappointed!


This one happened while I was away, and I'm really glad I didn't have to deal with it firsthand. I was spending the night at my in-laws with the twins, preparing for Elena's birthday party which we hosted at their place the next day. David stayed home with the kids and had to get them up on Sunday morning and ready for church. This is what he found when he walked into our living room...
Yup, a frying pan, filled with uncooked beans, three big boxes of juice (what didn't fit in the pan found it's way onto our carpet) a packet of jello mix and a stir-happy little boy. According to David, when he found them Lucas was mixing away and Elena was dancing around the carpet. Let's just say we're really glad we have a fake leather sofa...


Enjoying a nice breakfast-for-dinner meal last night, Lucas finished his crepes and started licking the syrup off his plate. He then asked for, "more syrup, please". Despite his polite request I insisted he couldn't eat syrup plain, he needed to eat it with another crepe. He acquiesced, plopping another crepe onto his plate. I dribbled a little bit of syrup on top. He proceeded to roll up his crepe, then held it vertically over his plate, and squeezed all the syrup out. Crepe aside, he licked his plate, declared himself done, and offered his syrup-less left-overs to Elena. (Of course, you know she ate it, too)

And after all this was said and done, he had the audacity to ask for dessert! 


Never a dull moment with these two, I tell ya! 

Happy Friday everyone! 


  1. I love your first you have perfect kids? My thought immediately was, "are you kidding me?"=) My kids make messes, and Meres is a walking mess. How that child gets so dirty all the time is a mystery to me.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!! Poor David. That sounds like a nightmare to clean up. At least your kids are creative? :) Got a good laugh out of the other stories too.


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