Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Life Lately

Well, it's been a little quiet here lately, but only because life outside the blog has been rather noisy and busy! Here's what we've been up to...

Meeting a new friend - Through several connections I met a new friend, a young mom like myself who is expecting twin girls in the new year. I invited her over for coffee and twin talk.

Decorating - I had the privilege of decorating for a good friend's baby shower. I had about a week to prepare which is probably the quickest I've put together something like this! I'll be posting more about it, but here's a little look...
Teething twins - yup, we've started that lovely phase. Fussy, teething Lisa = baby wearing day!
Pool time - with a holiday on Friday, and hubby away on Friday and Saturday for a speaking engagement, we enjoyed two afternoons at a friend's pool where both Lucas and Elena made progress with their swimming. The twins were happy to sit in their chairs this time.

"Sunday best" - Elena loves choosing her dress for church each week, and I finally convinced her to choose this one she got a little while ago from her grandma. Lucas really enjoyed posing for these photos.
First foods - We started our first food adventures with the twins. They seemed very interested and ready but we've had a slow start. I'm happy to go slowly though; with the twins turning 6 months old this week it feels like their baby stage is passing by much too quickly.
What have you been up to lately?


  1. It was fun to see what you've been up to lately. Yay for meeting new friends and spending days at the pool. That sounds lovely!

  2. Hi Taara. I haven't commented too much lately, but I always check for new blog posts and read them with great interest! Your kiddies are certainly keeping you busy and I know there aren't too many quiet moments in your days. Take a "time out" for recharging once in a while, whatever that looks like (including connecting over coffee with a new friend). Love to all in your household from Aunt Barb


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