Tuesday, 4 September 2012

No Balloons Needed

Ok folks, here it is - the big party reveal! We held Elena's second birthday party at our house - the first time for most people to see our new place. It was a good chance to see how our house would hold up to guests. It seems like we hit it right on the head - about 20 people (in addition to our family) is about all our little house can handle.

Here's how it all panned out: we moved our car out of our parking space, put up white fabric to cover the gate, hung white lights, pennant banners and pompoms, and set up white tables with white and pink tablecloths. The centerpieces were just glass bottles that I have been collecting with two tissue paper flowers in each, grounded with some white rocks for weight and stability. We are able to fit 5 tables pretty comfortably out there. 

Inside we had the drinks, food table and sweets. Since we've just moved in (and from a much smaller place) we didn't have to move any furniture out. 
Here are some of the details of the sweets table - definitely the most fun part of any party! We decorated the tables with flowers, and used flower pots and cereal boxes (wrapped in coordinating paper) to hold some of the sweets and cupcakes. The "cake" was a flower made of one big cupcake and eight smaller ones, covered in marshmallow fondant and icing.  I had a lot of fun making the tiered cupcake stand. I was going to use it for the cupcakes but in the end decided to use it for the fun and colorful brigadeiro that my sister-in-law made for the party. No brazilian party is complete without brigadeiro*.

The numbers on the photos show the items I'll be making tutorials for in the coming days/weeks.

1. A super easy No-Sew Banner
2. A simple and colorful cupcake stand

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my little sunshine's birthday party. Despite both her and her older brother fighting off colds, fevers and a strange allergy, they had a great time! 

*brigadeiro - a simple brazilian chocolate bonbon, made by mixing sweetened condensed milk, butter and cocoa power together, and heating it over the stove until it becomes smooth and sticky. It can then be rolled into balls and covered with sprinkles - here my sister-in-law put it into small cups and added the sprinkles on top. Yummy! 


  1. Oh my! Now I REALLY wish we could have been there to experience that party!! I want to know how to make the tissue paper flowers .... they're awesome! Some days I'd love to spend the whole day making stuff ....hm good idea for a "me" day!
    Love you Sweetie,

  2. What a beautiful party!
    I'm preparing for my little one's first birthday at the end of this month, and I love your decor! I've been looking for a good tutorial for tissue paper flowers (the really big, spherical ones). Do you have a tutorial that you could pass on?

    ♥ Bethany


    1. Happy to pass on the tutorial I used. I found it here: http://sewsweetstitches.blogspot.com.es/2010/04/handmade-tissue-paper-flowers-and.html

      They really are fun to make. The ones I used for the party were mostly the medium sized ones she shows on her tutorial (with 6 sheets of tissue paper), but I've made a few big ones too. The best thing is you can keep them around after and use them in decorating your little one's room. :)

    2. That looks great! Thanks for the link!

  3. Hi Taara. I am super impressed with the all-out parties that seem to be part of Brazilian culture. About the extent of decorations I ever used for our kids' party was a couple of inflated balloons. The party food consisted of hot dogs, chips, and a layer cake with coins wrapped in foil between the layers and some icing on top! The most fun was finding the coins and seeing who got the biggest one! happy belated birthday to your little princess:)
    Love, Aunt Barb

  4. what a beautiful party!! love the flower theme! new follower of your blog :)

  5. WOW, it looks amazing AND delicious, and it must have been nice to be able to host it at your house, especially with your carport area. I also really like the look of your new blog layout. Nice and simple. And we know what your 'theme' is (not that we didn't before, but we still do). Very modern. Enjoying having more posts from you too! Isn't it a fun/creative outlet?

  6. Howd u make those gumdrop flowers so CUTE!


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