Monday, 27 January 2014

Grace for the weary

It's 8:53pm. The house is quiet. Finally. You couldn't have known that mere minutes ago it was a bustle of activity; the business of getting to bed.

Babies nursed, diapers changed, toys picked up, bottles given.

Teeth brushed, pajamas donned, babies rocking in arms, in chairs.

Lights out, stars shine, fans whirring in the humid summer heat.

Patience wanes, babies lie sleeping while older ones resist. The air thickens with the tension of opposing wills. Abundant energy defies the call to calm down. Voices raised.

Prayers. For mom and child alike. Petitions for love, joy, peace and obedience. Forgiveness sought.

Songs. Lyrics fighting the feelings in the singer's soul. Truth sung over the lives of loved ones. Hope for the next day, new mercies to behold.


Received so that it may also be given.

"Goodnight kids, I love you"


  1. Oh the joys of Christian motherhood!! Your mission field is right in your home. Those bedtime moments are special, and children don't want them to end because then they have to go to bed! Great teaching moments when we are the most tired!! God gives strength and blessings -- persevere and enjoy for His glory!!

  2. Poetry in have written so well what many other mamas feel every once in a while, or, maybe more often than admitted.
    I love you and your family.


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