Monday, 27 January 2014

...and then there's the planet where Zombies come from...

...and other weird things my kids say.

Elena, sitting on the potty without her shirt on, feeling her long hair on her back: It's wong, mommy!
Me: Yeah, honey, it's growing really long!
Elena: Almost I will be a woman!!
Not sure where she got this idea about womanhood and long hair...or what it says about me right now...
Lucas: Let's call them both Leila! (the twins)
Me: Why, Lucas?
Lucas: Then we'll always know who is who!

In the car after school, Elena sees some graffiti on the walls: (shouting indignantly) Somebody dwawed on the walls! Who was it? Maybe it was God!!

At the dinner table,
Lucas: Mommy! That baby is leaking from her mouth!

And a wonderful conversation between the two of them, in the car, after driving around the block in a vain effort to secure a parking spot:
Lucas: they're not sharing!
Elena: I like shawing,
Lucas: I like cars, but now they're mean, because they're not sharing; the road or the parking lots...
Elena: Dirty cars!
Lucas: Yeah, poopy cars, they're like little disobeying babies!

And just so Leila doesn't feel left out...

What crazy things do your kids say? Linking up with Rosie today.


  1. So great! Publish it!
    Frozen Dad from Calgary
    (No, not Dad Gamble - Portela Dad)

  2. I have two sons, 6 & 3. I call them both Bubby. It's fine most of the time, and context clues usually help everyone know which one we're talking about. Over the weekend I said to her, "Can you go give this to Bubby?" And she gave me a really strange look and said "Which one?!"

  3. My oldest would explain to strangers that her baby sister was a 'girl even though she has short hair.
    Great list!

  4. These are all so funny! Cecilia's really into what will make her a woman, too - she's convinced that when she is old, she'll wear the same clothes I wear (like, the exact same clothes, even undergarments) and nurse her own babies and THEN she will be a woman...

    Thanks for linking up :)

  5. Love the conversations between siblings


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