Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday - New Sofa

If you saw my Friday's Letters last week, you'll know I was extremely excited about receiving the call that my new sofa (ordered, like, for. ever. ago - ok, ok it was only 3 weeks) was to be delivered on Tuesday. Why was I so excited? Well, when we lived in our tiny apartment, we only had room for one little sofa, a very small love seat. With two small kids, it was ok, put a kid on each lap and we were set. Now the kids are getting bigger and we moved to a larger house and our love seat was looking rather small and lost in our huge (to us) living room.
A rare clean house. 
See that little couch just barely sticking out on the right? That was ALL we had for the first few months in this place. We didn't even have the big bean bag for a while. Lots of open space for the kids to run, though, which was nice. However, we knew we'd like/need something bigger for hosting people, as well as for our growing family. After slightly recovering from moving costs, I went on the hunt. 

Here's our living room now (pardon the slightly blurry photo.)
Now the couch that occupied the alcove on the right has been replaced with a lovely corner sofa, upholstered in the same material as our love seat. The love seat is now basically in the middle of the room, creating a division between the living and dining areas. And you can see the kid paraphernalia is starting to multiply there in the left corner. 

Here's a better look at our beauty.
 We are in love. It's comfy, just the right size for our space and being covered in fake leather is super easy to clean. Yes, in just one day we've already had at least one yogurt spill. 

Now, to get a few more throw pillows and get something up on our painfully naked walls.

Isn't settling in fun? Now, if only I had a decorating budget! 


  1. Wow. Looks great! Thanks for linking up! :D

  2. I can't, well, hardly wait, to try it out!!

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  4. Your new sofa’s so beautiful! The color black really highlights its subtle contemporary elegance. You did a great job picking that one out among the many! I can already imagine myself sitting there while stretching my legs and watching TV. Just, wow!


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