Monday, 3 September 2012

Simple Saturday

After a tough week of dealing with two sick kids, medicines, trips to the doctor and general fussiness (which we partly blame on the antibiotics) we were up bright and early on Saturday morning and ready to have a relaxed and fun day. Although it is technically winter here, we have had just beautiful weather the past few months - warm, dry and sunny, with cool evenings. I had tried to do a lot of housework on Friday so that I would be able to enjoy Saturday without too many piles of laundry/dishes staring me in the face. 

So what did we do to make this day any different from the past week? Well, for starters, we moved the car out of our carport to make room for a lot of running around. My kids love playing with each other, they're just not very good at it yet - which does make for a bit of yelling, screaming and crying. And usually mommy gets pulled into whatever game or make-believe they have created. I've also come up with my new catch-phrase, "well, it's not the worst thing they could be doing...."

For example, I found them coloring all over the stroller with the sidewalk chalk I had given them. Now, we rarely use our stroller any more, so it was pretty easy for me to say, "well, it's not the worst thing they could be doing..." After all, it did give me ten minutes of happy silence to finish washing the dishes. 

We also had a nice picnic outside, complete with popcorn, juice, sandwiches and carrot sticks. While we've been having some meal-time issues with Lucas (too busy playing to want to eat, or too distracted to sit down for more than 5 seconds) both kids really enjoyed eating outside and we had no issues with staying at the table to eat. 

We spent a lot of energy running around the space, pushing the stroller with one kid in, or piggy back rides (good exercise for momma) with the other one running behind. They did both try to get on my back at the same time which is just not going to happen.

And we just generally enjoyed the sunshine.
Hiding his smile from mommy
Enjoying the sunshine
Brotherly Love
Sisterly Love
Just having a little chat
Sometimes it just takes a little time and few simple things to make a great morning. Now, if only I had the energy to keep giving them piggy back rides, we'd be set for the whole day!

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  1. I really like your new catch phrase. In all seriousness, I think that more moms should be adopting it too. Kids love to have fun, whether mischievous or not, and as long as they're not getting hurt or causing serious damage, in the long run it's probably not an issue. Perhaps I'll change my mind when my baby is bigger and going through a naughty stage ;) Thank you for linking up with MMM this week, Taara!


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