Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Hair Dilemma

A short hair history
1. At a wedding in Jan 2006
2. Maybe my favorite hair cut ever - Feb 2006 
3. Color faded/grew out - July 2006
Kept my hair pretty short and alternated between natural blond and red, 
then left it to grow out as I was expecting Lucas - 2008
 4. With Lucas (2 months old) - Feb 2009
5. Cut again - July 2009
6. Starting to grow out - November 2009
7. Elena is born, back to the pony tail - Aug 2010
8. At Elena's first birthday - Aug 2011
9. Elena is 18 months - Feb 2012
10. It's getting long and CRAZY! Aug 2012
11. Sept 2012
12. An unusual digression from my usual messy bun.

All this to say - What now? I am a pony-tail girl, but can't stand having my hair against my neck, so it's always pulled into a messy bun. It's getting too long for that now and keeps coming out. I am debating a return to the super short cut (see photo 2). I may even be able to get some money for my (rare in Brazil) long naturally blond hair. 

PS. I don't think I've EVER posted this many photos of me on this blog! 


  1. I think the short is super cute-especially the red. But, you are the one who has to live with it.=)

    1. I love short hair, in fact I think this is the longest it's been since I was, maybe, 13! It's also kind of cultural that most women here have long hair. But it's never really been my thing. Don't think I'll go back to red though - my kids would wonder where I went! :)

  2. I like the #11 twist, that's classic yet interesting, and sophisticated too, and still gives you the option of keeping all of that gorgeous hair!

  3. I really like #2 but what do you really want? Low maintenance is my #1 driver for my hairstyle.

    1. Actually sometimes I think #2 would be lower maintenance than what I have now! And low maintenance is totally what I go for in a hairstyle. Right now it's so long and thick, it takes forever to wash and dry, and brush. So we'll see. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I like the long blonde - even in pony tail. :-)

  5. It's that and the scale for me.
    Have a great WW!

  6. Your hair was really cute when it was short but it is so pretty long. You look great either way though.

  7. #2 is awesome, but #8 is beautiful on you. You'll look fabulous no matter what you decide. :) Visiting you from Home of Ohm today.

  8. I vote long and blonde if you're asking for recommendations, lol! new follower- popped over from the Sunday social!

  9. I say long! Found you in the moms mingle! You have beautiful hair

  10. Your hair is crazy long! I remember going with you to get your hair cut once in Brazil and the hairdresser really didn't want to do it but you knew exactly what you wanted and pushed him until it was as short as you wanted. :) I wonder if you cut some layers into your long hair if it would feel a little lighter and if you want something interesting for your updos you could always cut bangs (like full on forehead bangs). I finally took the plunge for bangs last summer and was surprised that they were much more low maintenance than I thought.


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