Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday's Letters - I should have known

My hubby likes to down-play things and then surprise me later. For instance, just before we became engaged, he spent several days trying to convince me that the whole idea of engagement rings was out-dated and ridiculous - why did I need a shiny, diamond filled symbol of our love and commitment? Of course, he'd already bought a ring months before that my mom (who he hadn't even met in person yet) had already seen, thanks to MSN messenger and a web link. While I wasn't entirely sure if he was joking or serious about the ring thing, it did make our engagement "event" a lot more special.

So over the last few years, I've learned that I don't have to "remind" David of any big events or give subtle (or not so subtle) hints for upcoming occasions. I'd rather keep my expectations low and be surprised by his thoughtfulness. He doesn't disappoint. :) 

 I guess it also helps that I'm not too high maintenance? Ask David if he agrees with that statement. 

After writing yesterday about how we usually keep V-day pretty low-key, David arrived home with roses, chocolate and other goodies. One was a Subway sandwich, which is one of our favorite quick lunches (not available everywhere in Brazil). The other was a set of "Mommy" stuff - an anti-stretch line cream, a soothing gel for legs and feet (even more reason for a good foot rub!) and a sweet smelling perfume. Along with a sweet card of course. Can you guess what ILYMIW means?

So today I'm dedicating my "Friday's Letters" to my one and only Valentine, David - 

Honey, this year we will celebrate 8 years of marriage, and a decade of knowing each other. We've lived on three continents, experiencing the different cultures and countries where we each grew up. You are a faithful and constant partner, a loving husband and a wonderful father. 

There are too many things to thank you for, but I will mention a few - I love the way you can't resist the kids' requests for snuggles at any time of the day or night. You love to lavish them with toys and remember all their odd requests. I love to hear you explaining to Lucas about God, His word and making Jesus a real presence in our home. 

Thank you for making so many phone calls for me that I'd rather not make. Thank you for encouraging my various creative pursuits and reading my blog. Thank you for being a voice of reason and logic when it sometimes defies me or I'm tempted to rush into something. Thank you for surprising me. 

I look forward to many, many more years of surprises.




  1. Oh, I love to see how guys show love for their wives - what a sweet gift for you! :)

  2. Niiiceee! Does it mean, I love you my irresistible wife?
    DAD Portela

  3. How sweet! He got a little bit of everything :)

    I wanted to invite you to our weekly Meet & Greet blog hop! It runs Friday nights to the end of Mondays, come link up this weekend if you have some time :)


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