Thursday, 14 February 2013

When there is no Denny's

If we had our way, we'd celebrate this Valentine's Day with a big breakfast out at Denny's or IHop or another "breakfast" type place. With two small kids it's hard to get out for big date nights and I'm usually tired by the time we get them to bed anyways. So since the kids are in preschool in the mornings, a breakfast date is a great time for us to get away.

Unfortunately, we have no Denny's or IHop around here. Brazilians aren't really into the big breakfast scene. So we went for the next best thing, a nice Padaria (Bakery) where we could sit down for some fresh orange juice, croissants, sweet bread and cappuccino. 
A nice breakfast date, chocolate kisses from me to the hubs (but you can bet I'm going to steal a few)
and a shot of me at almost 23 weeks. 

February 14th is not Valentine's Day here in Brazil. We have actually just come off the famous "Carnaval" holiday, which happens right before the beginning of Lent. (We don't really celebrate Carnaval either.) It is a huge deal here in Brazil and we actually have another version of Valentine's Day on June 12th. While we are not big V-day celebrators, it's nice to do something small. And the June 12th celebration comes right around our anniversary (June 11) so we always do something to mark that day as well. 

It is quite nice to "celebrate" without all the commercialisation of the holiday. No stress, just time to enjoy each other's company in the absence of small (and continuous) voices, and talk about names for our babies. :) 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 


  1. Glad you could have a breakfast date together!

  2. You look so pretty, Taara! You are glowing! Glad you guys could have time for a fun date together. I'm curious to hear what you are thinking of for your twins names. Rhyming names I'm sure. :) Love you both and love you even more together!


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