Monday, 6 August 2012

Kids say the darndest things...

Everyone knows kids say a lot of cute, funny and crazy things. Now that we've got a real talker in our family, we routinely hear hilarious things from Lucas and occasionally from Elena. Here are a few for your reading pleasure:

Upon finding a peculiar piece of wood that looks like it belongs from some furniture...
Momma: Lucas, do you know where this came from?
L: It came from outer space!

Daddy is trying to give Lucas a boof kiss (raspberry) on his tummy...
L: Daddy, don't eat my belly. I need to have a baby in my belly!

Lucas has recently started asking to be carried "like a baby" but one evening after wearing an Elephant shaped tea cozy on his head, he asked,
L: Momma, carry me like an Elephant!

During our potty training, I have mentioned to Lucas that if your pee is too dark it means you're not drinking enough water...
L: Chocolate milk makes my pee white? (clear)
M: No Lucas, water makes your pee white.

And a sweet one from Elena;

After washing our hands in the bathroom, I am holding Elena up to the mirror...
M: Who's that pretty girl in the mirror?
E: Momma! ... And Eyena!
Precarious, but precious!
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My MIL will be proud of me for this post, since she is always reminding me to write down the funny things that happen, the milestones, the progress of my kids. Leave your funny kid sayings in the comments! Always good for a smile :)


  1. Perched precariously, but preciously precocious!!!

  2. Love that Momma is the pretty girl in the mirror! And how cool are you that you find random pieces of wood from outer space in your house? ;)

    1. The thing is I have NO idea where this odd piece of wood comes from - surely there is a piece of furniture missing something and by the time I find it the "space junk" will have disappeared for sure.

  3. Love this! I was just thinking today that i needed to make a post titled this exact same thing!Kids are soo funny!
    Thanks for sharing!
    New Follower - Misty @

  4. So cute! Loved the one about Daddy eating his belly. Thanks so much for sharing with Monday Mom Musings this week, Taara!


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