Thursday, 30 August 2012

Copy Cat Closet - Color me Crazy

Ok, I gotta admit - I was a little worried when I saw the inspiration for this week's Copy Cat Closet. I like color as much as anyone else, but tend more towards "traditional" color combos and I feel much safer in my neutrals. But what's the point in a challenge that's not challenging? So I browsed my closet and came up with a very colorful outfit that may or may not ever leave the house. We've hit some cooler "winter" weather so this was a photo-shoot-only outfit.

Here is the inspiration shot from Natalia,

And here's what I came up with,

You can see my brown Bermuda shorts made an appearance again and my super comfy sandals. I wear green/teal/turquoise with brown a lot, and the pink/coral top can be paired with brown, beige or jeans, but I had never really considered combining all of them together. I think it was Natalia's pink top that got me thinking pink.

That's when I remembered this necklace that I have which combines green and pink. I threw in a green scarf and belt to tie in that color throughout the outfit, along with the green sandals. I think the accessories are totally what make this outfit work. I wore green/brown earrings, but I think pink ones might have worked as well.

The only part of this challenge that I didn't really work in was the makeup, specifically the bright lips. But if I ever do wear this outfit out, it would totally rock with bright pink lipstick.

Thanks Natalia for the great challenge this week!

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  1. I love it! Wear it--the colors are great and you look fantastic :)

  2. I am stopping by from Copy Closest… I love this! Its coloring blocking and totally streamed lined! I love how u pulled everything together with the teal accessories. Its lovely :)


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