Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Back to School Goals

No more school for me, but that doesn't mean I can't set "back to school" goals. School means something different for me now as a mom; kid-free time. I'm not going to say "free" time because as every woman knows, there is no such thing as free time when you have a household to run! But it sure is easier to get those day-to-day chores done when you don't have two toddlers underfoot.

Now that my two kiddos are in nursery/pre-school every morning, I've had a few people comment "wow, what are you going to do with yourself without the kids?"

So, without further ado, here are some of my goals for this new season of life:

1. Get Smart - Back into Portuguese studying. I have a passable vocabulary, and can get around and read quite easily, but I have lot more to learn!

2. Get Fit - It's no surprise that this body needs a little work after two kiddos. We have a park down the road that has outdoor exercise equipment, and my goal is to get there twice a week.

3. Get Blogging - I love writing and designing and am hoping to overhaul my blog, give it a new look and write more.

4. Get Creative - I opened an Etsy shop a few months ago, but with an unexpected move I basically went on hiatus, so I want to get back to that and keep developing my designs.

5. Get organized - I am ashamed to say that we've been in our new house for almost two months and there are still boxes to unpack. I also want to stay on top of the household chores, laundry, cleaning, cooking, dishes, toys etc.

So you can see, there's a lot of stuff to fit into five mornings. Throw in a birthday party for my little sunshine (2 this month!) and a baby shower in September (for my sister-in-law), and I won't really have time to miss my kids!


  1. It's really good to plan, Taara. Sometimes we end up in the just respond to whatever happens mode and it seems like it will never end. I'm glad you are full of projects and wish health to the whole family so you can have a few sequential days to work with. Ld, Mom Portela

  2. You've inspired me to make a 'back to school list' too! Does number 3 include pics of the new place?

  3. You've entered a new phase - so much to anticipate and enjoy! How is Elena responding to the new routine?
    Aunt Barb

    1. Thanks for commenting Aunt Barb! So far there have been some tears when I drop her off at school, but they say she is adapting well and soon forgets about me :) It is only her first week and I remember it took Lucas about two weeks before he was totally ok with being at school.

  4. Sweetie!! No need to feel ashamed about having unpacked boxes after 2 months ... when it's after 2 years, well, maybe a blush would be in order! Your goals are worth striving for, and have some fun while you do all of them. That is possible!! and makes them all more do-able in the long run. Love you!!! Mom


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