Thursday, 16 August 2012

Weekend Away - to the grocery store...

The theme for this week's Copy Cat Closet was "weekend away", and while we did enjoy a few small trips this summer, these days my biggest outing is to get groceries every week. That said, in Brazil, most women go out to do their shopping all gussied up and I usually feel under-dressed and under made-up so it's nice to get some inspiration and go out feeling somewhat put together.

Here was the inspiration from Natalia,

And from Christie,

I used to own some awesomely colored pants, but lately it's been jeans and yoga pants for me. So here's what I put together,

Dark grey capris with a bright green top, a stripy scarf, big black earrings and my uber comfy green/turquoise/gold sandals. I just wish my scarf was a little bigger for a more similar look to Natalia. I tried to do a really high messy bun, but my hair is so long and so heavy that it just dropped down. Plus, I'm running low on bobby pins.

Here's a few more shots, just for fun!
me thinks I look super weird without glasses!
awkward posing....
Looking forward to next week's inspiration!

the Grant life


  1. Ok first, I think you are gorgeous without your glasses! Secondly I love the color of this top! It is so pretty with your coloring. You look super cute:)

  2. Thanks Christie! It's hard to believe I only started using glasses in university, I can't imagine not wearing them! :)

  3. You look great!! The scarf is so pretty and really looks wonderful with your whole outfit!!

    1. Thanks! The funny thing is I've had that scarf/outfit for ages and never realised how the scarf matches both the shirt and pants so well!

  4. Hi Taara. Without your glasses and with heavier eye make-up, I see quite a strong resemblance between you and Jasmin! You are both beautiful:)
    Love you,
    Aunt Barb

  5. Cute outfit!! I love this! My brother-in-law is in Brazil right now! Found you from the favorite post linky!


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