Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Smooth Sailing

These days don't come around all that often, so I'm going to take this opportunity to write it down for posterity! We had a wonderful day yesterday. Nothing special happened, it was a normal school day for the kids, but for some reason, it was just smooth sailing all the way to bedtime. 

Part of it might be the fact that the kids actually slept in a little, only waking up just before 7. Usually it's sometime between 6 - 6:30.

Once they got home from school they enjoyed their usual little snack and a 10 minute TV show before heading to their room to read a few books and lie down for their nap. I just love it when I can feel Elena falling asleep on my lap as I read to them, her little head just gets heavier and starts to flop to one side, and her breathing becomes so slow and deep. They're both getting so big it's hard for us all to fit in one chair, but we'll keep it up as long as we can. 

Maybe it was the fact that I had done a lot of meal prep in the morning which meant I didn't really have much to do to prepare dinner.

After naps and another snack, I found the kids had hidden themselves in our bedroom. They aren't usually allowed to play in there, but today Lucas wanted to make a tent. So I got out a clean sheet, some clothes-pins, a random piece of wooden dowel that was lying around and made us a big tent. We probably spent at least an hour playing in there and reading books. Just awesome.

It's nice when the kids find something that they can do together that doesn't involve fighting and stealing toys from each other. 

Of course, we also had to turn off all the lights and get the flashlight out for a bit.

After we had exhausted the tent, the kids ran around outside while I finished making supper, then it was bath time and bed. The kids were nice, kind, gentle and most of all, pretty obedient!

Hoping for lots more days like this!


  1. I love making forts! So much fun.

  2. hi there! newest follower to your blog! LOVE your blog design! so cute! and speaking of your cute... your kidlets are adorable! i used to looove making forts when i was little.. so much fun. they looked like they had a great time :) so happy to have stumbled on your blog and would love if you followed back!

  3. Wow! Who would ever think that they would ACTUALLY learn what you teach them!
    Dad Portela

  4. I'm so glad you linked up to the Wknd Blog Hop so I could meet you! Right now I'm envious of your smooth sailing post; I've been in rocky waters with my 3yo for weeks now...Ugh!! Love your blog, we have a lot in common on your 60 (aren't you glad it's not 100) list.


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