Tuesday, 16 October 2012

65 Followers, 65 Facts

I have a really hard time writing about myself. You'd think it would be easy since I'm probably the person that knows me the best, but it stumps me every time.

Since I really started blogging regularly and trying to grow my little blog, I've got a lot of new followers who don't know me from Eve. And because I'm still working on a super duper "about me" page, in honor of my 65 followers, here are 65 facts about me. (Don't worry there are also some photos to keep you interested)

1. I do not have citizenship to the country I was born in.
2. I have citizenship from a country I have lived less than half my life in. 
3. I am, however, proud to be Canadian. 
4. I prefer hot weather to cold.
5. The part of my body I like the most: my eyes
6. I studied classical piano from the age of 5 up to university level.
7. I love playing piano in the dark, and something feels missing from my life when I don't have one at home.
8. I used to read books upside down when I was a kid. 
9. I am a serious candy addict. (specifically the gummy varieties, and anything licorice)
10. I hate confrontation. 
11. I am an introvert.
12. I pierced my own ear with only a piercing stud in high school.
13. I love "con" movies like Oceans Eleven and Catch Me if you Can. 
14. I don't really appreciate sarcastic humor. 
15. I have been married for seven years.

16. I hate grammar errors like "your" and "you're". 
17.  I love shopping at thrift stores and finding hidden treasures. 
18.  I would redecorate my house every year if I could. 
19. Hubby and I have moved six times since we got married. 
20. I have been trying to learn Portuguese since 2004.
21. I am seriously jealous of my hubby's bilingualism. 
22. I love wearing scarves.
23. I went to boarding school for seven years. 
24. I love the beach. 
25. We had two wedding ceremonies - Canada and Brazil. 
Brazil      -     Canada

26. I had to have a root canal on my honeymoon. 
27. I was definitely a tomboy growing up.
28. I loved climbing trees and people watching. 
29. I love traveling, and have a log book of almost all my flights. 
30. I am not a good dancer.
31. I love taking naps.
32. I have two amazing, adorable and crazy children.

33. I am having a hard time losing the baby belly. 
34. I wear a toe ring all the time.
35. I would wear flip flops all year round if I could.
36. I am a third generation missionary. 
37. I love Jesus and try to live my life in a way that honors Him. 
38. I go through tea and coffee phases.
39. I don't really like wine. 
40. But I love a good piƱa colada. 
41. I love swimming. 
42. I would love to be an interior decorator. 
43. I finished my undergrad degree in four years and am done with school.
44. I like to be in control.
45. I am a perfectionist, but by no means a perfect one. 
46. I am a procrastinator. 
47. I have so many words/ideas in my head and they never sound as good on paper as they do in my head.
48. I love symmetry and balance.
49. I don't usually cry at sad shows or movies (unless I'm pregnant)
50. I refuse to watch horror movies.
51. I am having a hard time thinking of more things to write. I should have done this at 50 followers. :)
52. I am a pretty laid back, adaptable person. 
53. I like to know what the plan is, if there is no plan, I'll make one. 
54. I don't feel like a grown up yet, and I'm almost 30!
Playing with the kids and their cousin

55. I love designing all kinds of print material, but am not a really good artist. 
56. I have had stitches twice in the same place on my face. 
57. So far I have only broken one bone in my body. 
58. I love board games like Settlers and Ticket to Ride.
59. My hubby and I can't play the two-player version of Settlers, too much marital strife. But we love other card games. 
60. I don't have a lot of time for reading, but I love books. 
61. I am generally happy and not too moody.
62. I like lists, can you tell?
63. I wear glasses
64. I am extremely impressionable when it comes to food. Just saw a blog with a photo of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and now I'm craving them!
65. I sleep on the right side of the bed.  

Congrats on making it to the end! Aren't you glad I didn't wait until 100 followers? ;)


  1. I too can't get rid of my baby belly. Its the only pouchy part of me. I also ALWAYS wear a toe ring. On my left foot. For some reason the one on the right foot really hurt when I ran. I also love swimming-I do it on the days I don't run. And I refuse to watch horror movies. Why?

    Oh yeah...and you won my giveaway yesterday, but I will email you, and get your info to my ladies too.=)

  2. I love this list! I love getting to know fellow bloggers! A lot of these describe me too...but I am a huge cry baby when it comes to TV shows and movies!

    Stopping by from the Tea on Tuesday Hop! New follower!
    Leslie @ Sincerely, Leslie

  3. This was a fun list to read! I'm a fairly new follower and have enjoyed your blog :)


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