Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday's Letters

Rare moment of peace. 
Dear hubby - so glad you are coming home today! It means I get saturday off, right? (and breakfast in bed? - ok, maybe that's asking too much) Dear crazy neck/back pain - you are a wonderful excuse for me to not clean the house, but the bathrooms will soon reach critical mess... Dear rice-pack - you are a wonderful aid in healing this back/neck pain. Dear kiddos - our trip yesterday to the mall was more like a nightmare, next time we are using straps to keep you at arms length! Thankfully the play place kept you occupied for a while. Dear Levi - dearest nephew, we are praying for your safe arrival into the outside world. Come quickly and safely. Your mom is a trooper for making it through almost 37 hours of labor already! Dear doctor - I am so thankful to have found you! You made a great first impression on me by taking one quick glance at the kids entry forms and calculating their age to the year, month and day. Plus, I am super happy that you speak English!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Yes breakfast in bed this weekend is a necessity I would say :) Hope you have a great one x

  2. Adorable photo! New follower via Friday's Letters... stop by and say hello! :)


  3. Here from the Yours Truly. Cute blog! Sorry about the neck/back pain :(


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