Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Another Pompom Party

I was absolutely delighted when my sister-in-law's sister asked me to decorate for my sister-in-law's Baby Shower. It was planned for three weeks after Elena's party and my new-found love of pompoms meant they were sure to make another appearance. I was even able to re-use some of the pompoms from Elena's party (score!)

We were going for a sheep theme for the party. Here in Brazil it is very common to find out the gender of your baby almost as early as possible and come right out with the name as well. So we were planning a Sheep Shower for little Lara - due in November. A little over two years ago I did another shower for Lara's older sister, Sophia, a bear-themed shower with pink and brown as the main colors. So this time I stuck with pink, grey, white and silver. Seemed to also fit better with the sheep theme. 

The shower was held in their church's foyer/meeting room. I knew we would have a lot of tables and chairs and began to think about center pieces. A crazy idea came to me as I was cleaning up some other decorating stuff. I started dreaming about sheep made from styrofoam balls, cotton and pipe cleaners. 

But let's see how the prep and party went down.
Here are my sheep center pieces for all the tables - yup, I made almost 20 little sheep. I'm always looking for ways to reduce stress by prepping ahead of time, so it was fun to make these little guys without feeling rushed. At the party the sheep sat on little boxes with Lara's name on them (good thing it's only a four-letter name), on top of a pink heart-patterned square (actually cellophane gift bags that I cut into squares). The tables themselves were covered in a sheet of silver paper. 

The day before the shower I headed down to our local farmer's market and picked up some beautiful pink and white flowers. I made three arrangements and packed them up ready to go. Another simple prep idea for color, class and charm. I also made about 60 favors for the guests. On the left a simple envelope filled with marshmallows, wrapped in silver ribbon and secured with a hand-cut label. The label says, "We thank you for your presence here - Baby Shower for Lara" and the date. Yes, hand-cut labels - my hands were definitely sore after cutting out 60 tiny little labels. On the right I made little bags, tied them up with ribbon and added the label to the front. 

At the church we set up a crib to collect all the presents. I used four of the center pieces to spell out Lara's name on the edge, and used some pompoms to decorate. I made tons of big white pompoms and several smaller pink and silver ones. Notice how the big ones have rounded edges while the smaller ones have pointed edges. I think it's a nice contrast. 

Of course the main attraction is the cake/sweets table. I set up a few room dividers, covered them in a white tablecloth and attached a pompom arrangement. 

Some close-ups of the table. We served the main cake, a pineapple cake and cupcakes. Along with some little sweets (you can see in the top right corner arranged under the cake).

I did also have some large white pompoms hanging up with pink and grey ribbons underneath, but somehow forgot to get a picture of it. Every time, I take tons of photos, sure that I've got a shot of everything, and always feel like I should have taken more.  

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into the party. Come back next week for the full tutorial on those cute little sheep! 


  1. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. Love the sheepies and the pompoms and the colour scheme, the center pieces....I could go on.

  2. Whaaaat talent!! [said in an Indian accent, with a slight nodding of the head]

    Love you

  3. These are cuuuute! Everything looks lovely!


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