Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tuesday Ten - Random Sayings

Random, but unusually common around our house!

1. Me: Elena! Don't use the toilet bowl to wash your hands!

2. Lucas: Yes sir, momma (I like to hear this one)

3. Me: Lucas! Don't stick your bum in Elena's face.

4. Lucas: I want to go in the TV.

5. Me: Elena, don't eat the books/play dough/paint (insert other inedible object)

6. Lucas: (to me) Your eyes look like a frog.

7. Lucas / Elena: Carry me like a baby (usually after bath time)

8. Me: Lucas, please get out of your closet.

9. Lucas: I want to go in the book.

10. Me/Lucas/Elena: No!

Another very common occurrence - fitted sheet makes a great tent!
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  1. LOL very funny saying. I am so glad my toddler finally out grew playing in the toilet. Now he climbs into the sink. Stop by and check out my 10 when you get a chance.

    Nicki @ Nicki's Random Musings


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